Saturday, October 29, 2011


I remember that as a child, for some odd reason each time my mother would take me to the store with her I had a tremendous fear of losing sight of her, even for an instant.  I think somehow I heard of children getting lost and being unable to get back to the parent, and it was just a sense of anxiety I had, furthered by the belief that if my mother were to lose sight of me, somehow I believed she would simply check out at the counter and go home.  I had no idea of how to get home without her.  I didn't expect that anyone else would know where our home was, and therefore had no idea where I might end up.  Now, this is no reflection on my mother because she was wonderful to me, but I certainly for some unexplained reason had a definite lack of faith in the protection I would receive if this situation arose.  As I grew older I began to understand that I did have a security in that my mother was devoted to my care.  Unexpected things can still happen of course, but I had an assurance that if it were in her power she would do anything to secure my safety.

This makes me think of the faith God wants us to have in His care of us.  The importance of faith is mentioned many times in the Bible.  The Old Testament tells us that we cannot please God without faith.  Scripture goes so far as to insist that we must have faith, we must believe, that God can, that He will, see us through in life.  We should "seek God with all our heart," and keep the trust that despite what things may look like at any certain time, He knows about the situation - He is aware of it, and He is able to use that situation for our good.

Faith in God is powerful; Jesus explained that many times.  "Your faith has made you well," he said to the woman who touched his clothing with the belief in her heart that in doing so she would receive healing.

Ask, believe, use your faith, and seek God to strengthen your faith.  There are things in life we can know with all assurance that it is God's will, this is God's plan.  For instance, when praying for someone's salvation we can know absolutely that we are praying according to His will because the Bible tells us it isn't God's will that anyone should perish therefore we stand on the word God has given us and exercise our faith that God will find a way to reach this person.  God always has a way.  There is no place on earth which is beyond God's reach.

I am grateful that my childhood fear of separation didn't carry over into my adult life in my walk with God.  That truly is something I would fear, separation from God, and I do consider it the very worst outcome in life for anyone, but it's not a reality for those who know Jesus as Lord and Savior.  Jesus said, "I will not leave you.  I will not forsake you."  Count on God's care of you.  Have faith.