Thursday, May 31, 2012


The question comes up at times in life for many people: "Is God fair?" or it may be phrased in many other ways, but representing the same line of thought.  "Why?"  I think we all at some point in life react in that way.  Spoken or unspoken, the question may linger there in the back of our mind.  "Why, God?"

It can be hard to accept the idea of free will in this world as it applies to our spiritual state of being.  It seems that people love the concept of free will until it comes to the question of where that leaves us in our standing before God.  "What is hell?" people often wonder.  "How is it possible that God would allow anyone to go to hell?"  "What about God's love for mankind?"

The question of God's love for us actually does lead us to the answers we need.  God, through Christ, has offered salvation to "all who will come," with no exception whatsoever.  If we want Him, He wants us - anyone - all - and with no condemnation.  Therefore, if we choose in life to go another way, God will allow us to do so.  For some it means that they have rejected God altogether, and as hard as it is for me or any Christian to accept what the outcome of that decision may be, it has been a choice.  The invitation is extended to us and we can take it or reject it.  God allows us to choose.

And so, is God fair or is He not?  If you love someone how far would you personally go in order to save them from destruction?  Would you give your life?  He did.  Prior to the time Jesus gave His life for us on the cross the way to God was an almost impossible road for anyone.  God wanted to make a way - for all of us.  I don't see how, having done that for us, it could be considered by any stretch of the imagination that God is unfair.  His love is simply beyond our comprehension because it enfolds the entire world.  If you find yourself faced with that question at any point remember this: that just, fair and righteous is the Lord our God.