Sunday, April 3, 2016

A Slimmer Image

I was recently at the local store and saw something quite interesting. The store is selling mirrors that reflect a slimmer image. Personally, I am not obese, but could stand to lose a few pounds. I guess in a sense it is nice to look in the mirror and visualize myself as I could be and  this could provide an incentive for weight loss. That was not though my immediate reaction as I gazed at the glass. My immediate thought was that it seems quite obvious that this is becoming the world standard. We do not always like to see ourselves in a true light. I am not referring as much to the physical image as I am to the emotional and spiritual condition in which we exist. In psalm 139 we read the words "You have searched me, Lord, and you know me." We know that nothing is hidden from God, although at times we may wish to hide our emotions from him. Still, the truth is that God does discern our thoughts and emotions.

The fact that God can discern our condition with total clarity is wonderful news for all of us; it means that God knows exactly how to help us. If we are open to receiving help from the Holy Spirit we have every assurance of success. I am not speaking of success as the world judges it, but of course, as God measures it. Most of us are well aware of the "pattern" of the world, and I know that so often people will make the statement that they wish for a world "without judgement"  for those who lack physical beauty or power or money. Much of the world goes after those things with intensity, expending every ounce of energy contained. They have the world, but they do not perceive the critical condition of their spirit. If they do get a glimpse of it, you can be pretty certain they are going to discard that  impression from their mind.

Dear friend, we should never turn away from the truth. God will always show us the truth: We do not need to be afraid to face our deepest feelings. I think that few of us rejoice in correction. It seems to illicit an automatic rise of resistance, however the Holy Spirit can gently bring us around to a right way of thinking. When we look into the "mirror" let's deal with the reality and know that God loves us to the utmost extent!