Wednesday, August 24, 2011


At our Wednesday night Bible study we've been going over the book of Samuel and looking at the lives of King Saul and King David.  Interesting to note that King Saul seemed to start out well, following God, making good decisions, but came to a point when he went his own way, making some decisions which he would of had to of known were not in keeping with God's plan.  The outcome was that God anointed another man for King, which was David.  It did not go well for Saul.  He was not able to retain his position, though he tried, using every resource he had, but God had already decided.  It was over. 

There are many things to be learned from all this, but the one word which immediately comes to mind is 'obedience.'  God watched King Saul become willing to brush aside the directives of authority and law and in that there could be no compromise.  God's word stands.

I think a lot of people today believe that God's word, as recorded in the Bible, does not hold weight.  If they don't say that outright, the way they live their lives certainly makes a statement.   It would be good to remember that Jesus said he did not come to do away with the law.  He came to take away the separation there was between the human race and God.  Sin was standing between us and God.  God is pure and holy and He knows everything that is inside of us. He wanted a way for us to come to Him.  When we come to God and ask forgiveness for the sin in our lives with the knowledge and faith in our hearts that Jesus was a sacrifice for us, we are washed, we are cleansed.  We stand before God pure. And God's Holy Spirit is there for us to help us, to guide us.  God then doesn't want us to walk back into the world and become immersed in it and become lax about the idea of staying pure.  He wants our love, our 'obedience' our commitment.  He expects it to be that way, because it is what He wants for us.  He knows what is right for us.  God loves a heart that is searching for Him, for His direction, at all times.  People are fond of saying that God doesn't favor one over another.  But in my opinion, though I know God loves us all with a love that is beyond expression in language, He clearly has favorites.  And I believe that is anyone who loves Him first, with all their heart.  It will mean a life of obedience to God's word, and He will bless that. 

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