Sunday, March 25, 2012


We're having something resembling an early spring and in my yard I have trees blooming and flowers coming up and I am just amazed because I've never before seen weather such as this in March.  I thank God to see the colors again, but also I have to wonder what it all means, and I do think it means something.  Or at least, it reminds me of something: The world situation is changing and with each passing day we are that much closer to a day when Jesus will return.  What will the state of the world be in that coming day when Jesus returns?  Will we be ready?  Opening scripture the other day I came to a place in the Book of Revelation which described a new world to come - one of peace and safety - and I took joy in reading the words "And there shall be no more curse."  Think of that - and imagine what that will mean. 

In thinking it over it seems the world will one day be as God originally intended for it to be.  A knowledge of God will abound and all evil will be cast away.  It's hard at this point to imagine a world like that, but the Bible tells us, we shall see it.  That day is coming.  

At this point, we see a lot of changes in the world and we also see much to feel great worry over.  There are those who suffer greatly in this world, and we all know that is true.  There is so much unfairness and injustice.  Some people have chosen death over life - they really have.  At this point millions could potentially leave this world in this terrible lost state they exist in and while I have a sense of peace that in life or in death I am with Christ, any happiness I might feel for myself is diminished because of the condition of so many others.  But God can change things.  We know that God's love and compassion is great.  And so, as we look at the changing situation of the world and our existence let's remember to pray that the time has come for the great outpouring of God's Spirit to bring light and life into this darkening world.  "Thank you, Heavenly Father, for your Holy Spirit who speaks to us of truth in our lives we need to look at and our inborn need for your love and that our way to you is through Christ.  Amen."

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