Saturday, April 14, 2012


During an evening church service recently the pastor asked for testimonies among the congregation and various people spoke in turn, giving thanks to God for many things in life.  One young man who spoke made a statement regarding his search in life for answers.  He said he had considered the Easter message of Jesus' resurrection and in particular the words of the angel to Mary at the empty tomb:  "Why do you seek the living among the dead?"  The angel was of course referring to the fact that Jesus had risen and the angel spoke these words, reminding Mary that this had been foretold by Jesus himself.  Why look here?  Jesus lives, as He said He would.  In testimony the man spoke to the congregation and he said he found himself struck by the thought of looking for life among the dead.  "Why do I do this in life?" he asked.  "Why do I find myself at times looking for answers where there are none to be found?  I know that the answers I need are in God's word."

Why indeed - as believers in Christ we realize that God's word is truth and life, here and in the eternal.  And we have to realize that because of the fact that we are in a sense walled in by a worldly point of view there is a potential for problems if we don't regularly go to God's word and go to God in prayer.  We need that as much as we need food and fluids to keep us physically alive.  Our spirit needs or requires that strong connection to God and without that we begin to suffer in many ways sometimes without realizing we're suffering. 

There is a space inside of us which is a part of God's design and perhaps that truly is where our own spirit resides, and that is the place where we receive the inflow of God's spirit.  The Holy Spirit is our teacher and counselor and scripture tells us, also the interpreter of our prayers.  And of course, we see things of the world differently because of God's Spirit.  God's Spirit will draw us in a different direction than that of the world.  We belong to God and His love sustains us.  Jesus explained that so clearly saying that all who come to Him will neither hunger or thirst.  He was making the point: here is life - here are the answers.  "I am the resurrection and the life.."  "I am the bread of life.."  And so, let's remember to search for our answers where they can be found because God is truth, love, all understanding, and life.

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  1. thanks once again for your beautiful words and thoughts. i believe they are indeed a reflection of the Spirit you are speaking of in this post. i have hit an extremely difficult bump in the road recently and this weekend i have had my nose in the bible, searching for answers. answers i thought i already knew. and maybe i do, i just need reminding and reinforcement.

    hope all's well with you right now. looking forward to another encouraging post soon.