Sunday, December 4, 2011

Burst of Salt: ANGELS

Burst of Salt: ANGELS:

My pastor related a story to us once of a man he knew (a pastor) who had been working inside of his church - and the church was empty.  He happened to be alone.  The church was on a side of town known for crime - known for the need for heightened security.  He was busy with something when he thought he heard the front door open and shut, which is apparently when he realized he hadn't locked it.  He walked to the entryway and there stood a very large man the pastor didn't recognize.  The pastor felt hesitant initially, but as the man began to explain himself the pastor believed he seemed sincere.  He invited the man in and they sat and discussed the problems, the concerns, talking in depth for a couple of hours.  The pastor was able to minister to the man about God's love.  At the end of the conversation the man said to the pastor that he was really touched by the time the pastor had spent with him and a little surprised even.  The pastor expressed his happiness that he'd been available to offer the time and with that they shook hands and the man left the building.  It had been snowing heavily throughout the day and the pastor decided he too would leave and he shut the lights out and headed for the door and as he stood at the open door, looking around, he noted that there were no footprints, anywhere.  In telling the story my pastor stated that his friend has always felt that he'd been visited by an angel.  He believes that to be true.

Is that possible?  Are there times in our lives when something like that could occur?  I think that I would be caught somewhere in the middle of trying to decide what I believed about that if there weren't scripture to back it up.  It is documented in Old Testament scripture that Abraham spoke with angels and they appeared as men walking down a road, and there are certainly other accounts. It is clear that there is a constant presence of angels in the world.  We may not see them, or we may have seen them and yet were "unaware."  But yes, I believe they are there to encourage us, help guide us, help us fight our battles against Satan's attacks.  I believe they do that by bringing God's word to us, reminding us of the power of God's love and the security we have in knowing that God's Holy Spirit is with us always.  They are God's messengers.

Is it possible?  How could that be?  Because God's love is so rich and so pure that He keeps a constant watch over our souls.  Jesus gave the promise:  "I will never leave you or forsake you."  How wonderful to know that - to have the understanding of that.  What a beautiful experience my pastor's friend had, and what joy it must give him to consider the presence of an angel in his life, who once appeared to him in the recognizable human form.  Perhaps it's quite rare to have that happen, or maybe it happens much more often than we realize.  Either way, don't forget that whether or not our eyes perceive the presence of angels, they are with us.  In constant testament of God's love, they are there.  

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