Sunday, December 25, 2011


Not long ago a man stated that the world would end on a certain day, and obviously it didn't.  And so, as it turns out, he's not a prophet.  Regardless of that, it seems good to be aware that there will come a day when things will change greatly - that somehow, in some way, the world, the way we know it, will no longer be.  How will it unfold?  I couldn't answer that and wouldn't want to try except to say that it seems clear to me that when we see physical life ending we know the signs, and it would seem at this time applicable to the world.  We've seen many changes in the world that should tell us these are signs of a dying world - a world that is "passing away."

Jesus spoke of a time when things will change and he described what the attitude of the world will be up to that point.  Many people it seems will be taken up with the cares of the world, going about their daily lives, not having given serious consideration, if any at all, to the fact that a day of God's judgment is on its way.  It will come as a shock - a very abrupt shock.  Now at this point in our world what we say is "People will either believe or they won't," and that seems quite true, for now.  But when the day of the Lord does come, I don't think there will be anyone left in doubt of God's existence.

The words of Jesus were "watch" and  "be ready."  God does know those who are His and it seems that Jesus was describing a separation that will take place at this time of God's choosing.  It will be an immediate change - an immediate translation from this earthly existence, to the presence of the Lord, for those called out, and into His presence.  And that will be a shock of another kind to find oneself standing in the presence of God.  I think we will be overwhelmed by His love.  And so, let's remember, although people may come along and say "This will be the day!" Jesus did state clearly that no one has that knowledge other than God himself, but be ready and be waiting.  Change is coming.   

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