Thursday, January 5, 2012


I was in the store one day and heard a screaming child and to hear that you might have thought the child was in danger of some kind.  It was very alarming.  I've heard kids scream before, but this had the sound of pure terror.  Suddenly they came into my view:  a young couple with a little boy in a cart and the parents were pulling a packaged toy out of the boy's hands.  The mother of the boy admonished her son for his behavior.  "You can't have it!  You don't know how to behave!"  And off they went, heading for the grocery section with the child howling and screaming and kicking the cart all the way.  I went about my own way and as things quieted down I assumed the child had accepted the idea that the toy was not to be his, but later I met up with them again in the produce section.  There in the cart sat a smiling child holding the packaged toy. 

That makes me wonder if at times God sees us in that way, pitching a fit because something didn't go our way.  Hopefully if anything it's rare, because we certainly want Him to see us as willing to accept that in life things aren't always going to be what we expect them to be.  We may have one idea, but God has another - maybe a different approach for us to take or that we should wait for a later time.  We're not always good at that - waiting.  But we need to if that's the plan. 

When we get impatient and just can't wait for an answer, sort of like the little boy with the toy, we'll wind up pulling for all we're worth in an effort to get the outcome we want.  And maybe the outcome will turn out favorable and maybe it won't, but if there had been a preceding time of prayer and waiting on God's response there would be no question: This is the road to take.  This is the way you want to go.  Or maybe, this is not the way to go, but here is an entirely different way to look at the situation.  And that's the Lord bringing us around to the understanding He wants us to have.  There are some things in life God wants us to let go of, but He always has a reason.  So, let's be ready to let go for a time and wait for God's help.  And love the Lord.  Love Him first and love Him most, and He'll see us through.

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